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"John has a deep, full voice that is commanding and bold. He has a very smooth sound, and a good basic handle on using pitch and pacing... Overall, I think he has a dynamite voice and he records beautifully. Nice to listen to!" ~Lisa Foster, Talent Coach and Producer May 1, 2012
PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: John's resonant voice has been a key component supporting his positive results in a successful career as a business executive. For over thirty years, he has effectively used his voice to convey his message in business, as well as in public speaking with over ten years as a Forum Chair at the Commonwealth Club of California. Using his home studio and his editing skills to craft professional messaging, John is eager to help you raise the profile of your message in the marketplace and to achieve your goals.
Below is a brief audio clip of John's work demonstrating both commercial and narrative voice talent.
Length of clip:  52 seconds
File size: 780 KB