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On this page, I'll answer your questions and provide some nuggets of wisdom.

What is your chief area of expertise?
I have extensive experience in the operation of urban multi-level retirement communities, both for-profit and not-for-profit.
What would you recommend as a Bay Area venue to learn about the issues of aging?
The Grown Ups Forum at TheCommonwealth Club (the nations' oldest and largest public affairs forum) offers  programming that addresses the "hot topics" of aging.
How’s business?
It’s great. We are working on a variety of projects in the Bay Area and beyond. 
What is your biggest challenge?
Continuing our start-up phase into 2013, I’m focused on selecting projects that will assure a win-win situation for our clients and for Heritage Consulting. 
What is the best way to gain competitive edge?
Always listen to the customer and to the front line staff. Remember ‘You get what you inspect – not what you expect.’ 
What was your best business decision?
Retiring from a rewarding situation to start a more rewarding one. 
What was your hardest lesson learned? 
No regrets here. What doesn’t destroy us only makes us stronger.
Toughest business decision?
Saying no to work that is not a good fit for me.